The Kapaas

About Us

The Kapaas Warehouse is a unique and modern Indian brand that offers a one-stop destination for chic, comfortable and minimal cotton garments. The brand’s focus is on catering to the needs of the modern youth, and we believe in the importance of everyday comfort and fashion. Our mission is to blend fashion, modern silhouettes, and ceremonial clothing to create stylish products for everyone.

The Kapaas Warehouse offers products for women, men, and kids, and are gradually expanding into home decor and accessories. All of our products are handcrafted by local Indian artisans, and the brand’s vision is to celebrate India’s rich culture and heritage by making stylish products for all.

The brand draws inspiration from old India and curates it into today’s India, resulting in a range of breezy, stylish, lacy, and Indian print clothing. Classic shapes and silhouettes from around the globe are infused with old-fashioned laces to suit every body type.

Why Kapaas

Natural & Ethically Made

All Size-Inclusive XS-4XL

Use Cotton Fabrics

Customised per order

Made in